Selling on Facebook with Shopify: 3 Store Examples to Inspire You

The Shopify Facebook store is the best way to promote your products in Australia. Selling on Facebook with Shopify is easier than ever – here are 3 store examples to inspire you!

If you are an online store owner, you may already realize that social media visitors don’t have the same intent to purchase as web visitors. The engagement, as well as, the conversion rate among Facebook users is lower than those visitors/purchasers you find on Google.
According to one research, the engagement rate for Facebooks posts is 0.17% while the CTR is 0.90%. In other words, the top 3 results on Google have CTR of almost 30%.
These numbers can be misleading, for example, the top CTR spots on Google Search Page are limited. Facebook users don’t stop looking after checking the first 10 posts on the timeline.
The conversion rate on your Facebook ads or post depends on two factors – the types of ads you run and the industry or niche you belong to. For example, the fitness industry has a conversion rate of over 14% while the tech industry has a conversion rate of around 2%.

  Shopify Facebook Shop: How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook

One recent addition to the brands and business owners’ arsenal is the powerful Facebook shop. This hop allows online business owners to allow Facebook users to shop directly from their page. However, as an ecommerce owner, you surely don’t want to rely on Facebook for business. There is a possibility for Facebook to suspend your shop because they disobey their rules or instructions in one way or another.

Facebook as a platform for businesses can be lucrative and one of the best ways to get started is to run your own ecommerce store and promote them with your Facebook page, no matter if you are in the United Kingdom or in Australia. For more information on how to do this, click here.

How to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook?

Connecting your Shopify store and your Facebook page is simple. Download the Facebook app (you can find the app in the Shopify App Store) and install the software. You will need to add your Facebook Page URL in the setup process.
One big advantage of running a Shopify Facebook store is that this makes product management super easy. Listing products, changing prices, and more on your Shopify page automatically changes on your Facebook store.

  3 Shopify Facebook Store Examples

Here are a few examples of successful Shopify Facebook stores:
– Todd Snyder: The popular men’s fashion retailer runs a Facebook store through Shopify. Their Facebook page shows their product offering. The navigation is better when viewed on a mobile screen (which is where a lot of Facebook users/purchasers come from).
– GotPetSupplies: This store is specialized in selling pet supplies and they sell everything from collars and dog food to chews, and etc. Powered by Shopify, their Facebook store has been properly organized in a few different categories or collections
– DropCatch: This brand is known for selling magnetic bottle openers and beverage hardware. Their products are unique and diversified and it doesn’t make sense to divide them into categories or collections. Their sell two types of bottle openers.
Running a Shopify Facebook store can be highly profitable if done right. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of your Facebook followers read your posts posted on your page. Most of them engage with your posts or ads directly from the timeline.  
Even though a Facebook store can help your followers engage with your products from within social media, your strategy will be a success when you promote your Shopify store from your Facebook posts and ads.